Provably Fair Game Will Be The Future of e-Gaming, and Consentium will play a part in this revolution. 可证明的公平游戏将是电子游戏的未来,而嘉信将在这场革命中发挥作用。

If you truly cares about privacy and decentralisation, stay away from Clubhouse for communication. 如果您真正关心在线隐私和区块链,请远离Clubhouse来进行交流。

Chat, Transact and Earn on Consentium’s revolutionary crypto chat app. 在嘉信革命性的加密聊天应用程序上聊天,交易和赚钱。

Social media and communication platform like Consentium will be essential during this period. 在此期间,像嘉信这样的社交媒体和通讯平台将至关重要。

Forget WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal! Get rewarded when you use the Consentium blockchain encrypted chat messaging app. 忘掉Whatsapp, 微信,电报或信号!当您使用Consentium区块链加密聊天消息应用程序时获得奖励。

Earn as You Chat | Consentium

As we head to a new beginning in 2021, let’s find out what are some of the upcoming updates that our community can look forward to in the new year! 当我们迈向2021年的新起点时,让我们找出社区在新的一年中可以期待的一些即将到来的更新!

With a ERC20 wallet, the Consentium messaging app allows instant cryptocurrency transfers while building crypto communities & projects. 借助ERC20钱包,嘉信聊天应用程可以在建立加密社区和项目时即时进行加密货币传输。

Secure Chat App for Quick Crypto Transactions | Consentium

Catch up on the developments of the Consentium chat app and ecosystem that happened in 2020. 了解2020年嘉信聊天应用程序和生态系统的发展情况。

Consentium 2020 Highlights


Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Visit

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