Consentium Launched Brand New Webstore! 嘉信推出了全新的网络商店!

If you’ve visited our website over the past few days, you may notice that there is a link to the Consentium webstore. That’s right! Consentium recently launched our brand new e-commerce platform for our community to purchase Consentium related products. We will be updating the site if there are any new product releases in the future, so don’t forget to look out for any updates.

Consentium’s brand new webstore is part of our long term plan to venture into the retail industry in 2021. This update is also an opportunity to strengthen our stance towards development and community building. Consentium team is currently in discussion with a couple of merchants and e-commerce platforms regarding potential partnerships, so do expect exciting updates real soon!

Consentium Debit Cards

The moment many of you are waiting for! We are aware that many users enquire about how to purchase Consentium debit cards if you’ve missed out on the previous registration period. On our brand new webstore, we have listed the debit cards for sale! Here is your chance to acquire your very own Consentium debit card and spend CSM in over 147 countries. Grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning? Going on a shopping spree? Surprising your loved ones with a gift? As long as the retailers accept Union Pay, you can spend with our exclusive debit cards on the spot! Click here to find out more on our webstore.

For users who have paid for the debit cards and submitted all required documents for verification, we will be distributing the cards to you real soon! We apologize for the long wait and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience.

Our first batch of merchandise also includes limited edition Consentium t-shirts as well as physical CSM Memorabilia Coin. Our valued community members will now be able to raise the Consentium flag high and proudly represent Consentium wherever you are! Don’t forget to snap a selfie or photo and post it on our social media channels to get featured! Spread the love!

Moving forward

Despite our recent major updates and relaunch, we understand that there are still a lot more work to be done. Consentium will continue to explore opportunities for future development as well as partnerships in order to encourage CSM adoption and expand our existing community. At the moment, other than venturing into the retail industry and improving our existing ecosystem, Consentium is also looking for strategic partners in the secondary market in order to increase liquidity and promote a healthy token velocity for CSM.

About Consentium
Empowered by the community, Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Our integrated cryptocurrency wallet allows users to send and receive CSM, BTC, USDT and ETH. Within the same app, users can chat with friends and explore different groups of like-minded individuals. By integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into our chat app, users can now perform your transaction without the hassle of leaving the app.

Join the Consentium family!
Download the beta version of our new Consentium app on iOS or Android today!

Link to download:

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Website: Consentium
Telegram channel: Consentium Official
Facebook: Consentium
Twitter: Consentium
Wechat: gh_ef8940467b01

如果您过去几天访问过我们的网站,则可能会注意到有一个指向嘉信网络商店的链接。 嘉信最近推出了全新的电子商务平台,供社区购买与嘉信相关的产品。如果将来有任何新产品发布,我们将对网站进行更新,因此请不要忘记关注将来会进行任何更新。

嘉信全新的网络商店是我们2021年涉足零售行业的长期计划的一部分,此次更新也是增强我们对发展和社区建设的立场的机会。 嘉信团队目前正在与几个商人和电子商务平台就潜在的合作伙伴进行讨论,因此,很快会有激动人心的更新!


你们中的许多人正在等待的时刻!我们知道,许多用户错过了之前的注册期限, 询问如何购买嘉信借记卡。在全新的网上商店中,用户将可以购买借记卡!这是您购买自己的嘉信借记卡并在147个以上国家/地区使用CSM的机会。早上买一杯咖啡?要疯狂购物吗?给亲人惊喜的礼物?只要零售商接受银联卡,您就可以当场使用我们的专属借记卡消费!单击此处在我们的网络商店中查找更多信息。

对于已支付借记卡并提交了所有必需文件进行验证的用户,我们将尽快将其分发给您!漫长的等待, 我们很抱歉,并借此机会感谢您的耐心配合。



尽管我们最近进行了重大更新并重新启动,但我们知道还有很多工作要做。 嘉信将继续探索未来发展的机会以及建立合作伙伴关系,以鼓励采用CSM并扩大我们现有的社区。目前,除了进入零售业并改善我们现有的生态系统外,嘉信还在二级市场上寻找合作伙伴,以增加流动性并促进CSM的健康系统。




网站: Consentium
Telegram 频道: Consentium Official
Twitter: Consentium
Facebook: Consentium
微信Wechat: gh_ef8940467b01



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